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Please explain how the Internet course works if I have received a ticket?
Our 4-hour state approved Internet course is taken from your own computer at your own pace.  You can register and take the course online.  You will read 4 chapters and then take a final exam.  When you complete the final exam, we will mail your certificate of completion to the address you provided us when you registered.  You must return your certificate to the county clerks office in the county you received the ticket and the points will be removed from your license.



When will I receive my certificate?
We will mail out your certificate the same day you complete the course.  Your certificate will be mailed to the address you provided us when you registered.  Below is an example of when you can expect to receive your certificate:

 Delivery Options

I completed your course on:

I will receive my certificate on: 

Number of Days: 

 Email Delivery


Same day the course is    completed

Same day the course is completed

 Regular Mail Delivery


Cannot Track Reg. Mail

 Appx. 3 to 5

2nd Day Delivery
(Must complete before 2PM EST Time)





Next Day Delivery (Overnight)
(Must complete before 2PM EST Time)






What is the price of your Internet course?
Our prices start at $29.99 for the Internet course.  You can make your payment online with a major credit card or bank debit card or you can mail us a check or money order.



How many days do I have to pay my ticket and attend traffic school?
You have 30 days to pay your ticket.  From the day you pay your ticket you have either 60 or 90 days to complete traffic school.  You should contact the county clerks office where you received the ticket to find out exactly what the rules are in that county.  You can use our county clerks directory http://www.floridatrafficschools.com/Clerk%20Of%20Court%20Directory.htm on our home page to find the phone number and website for all 67 county clerks in Florida.




Does it still take 4 hours if I take the course online?
Yes, the Internet course will take 4 hours.  All Basic Driver Improvement courses online are required to be 4 hours.  This requirement is regulated by the Department of Highway Safety Motor Vehicles (DHSMV).  Below is a chart explaining the minimum time requirements:

 Summary of Chapters

 Minimum time required

 Chapter 1

 60 Minutes

 Chapter 2

 60 Minutes

 Chapter 3

 60 Minutes

 Chapter 4

 60 Minutes

 Final Exam

 40 question exam - No time requirements on final exam



Do I have to take all 4 hours at one time or can I log on and off the program anytime?
You can enter the program as many times as you would like.  Our Internet program keeps track of your time and you will always start exactly where you left off at when you last logged of our program.




I am taking your course and I have been disqualified from the program, what should I do?

You may have been disqualified for the following reasons:

 Dial up internet connections can be slow and it may have disconnected you

 You did not answer the security question in time

 You walked away from your computer for a few minutes

 If you have been disqualified from the program, please call our office during business hours and one of our customer service representatives will assist you




Is your course approved by the state in all 67 Florida counties?
Yes, our Internet course is approved by the state in all 67 Florida counties.  If you received a ticket in the state of Florida, you can sign up for our course now.  Our course is approved by the Department Highway Safety Motor Vehicles (DHSMV). 



Do you offer the first time drivers class, 8-hour class or the 12 hour class online?

 Type of Course


 Phone Number

 Basic Driver Improvement
(Ticket Course)




 First Time Driver Course
(For all new drivers wanting to
get their learners permit)




 8-Hour Judge Ordered Course




 12-Hour Suspended License Course





I am taking your course and the timer is not working correctly?
If you are taking our course and having problems with the timer at the top of the page, please call our office and we will have our technical staff address the issue.  We understand our customers are using different computer programs and software.  Additionally, customers have different Internet connections which may cause an occasional technical problem.  Please be patient, our customer service representatives will help you with your technical questions.  



I am signed up for your course and I cannot log back into the program?
Go to the box at the right hand corner that says "Returning Students".  Type in your User ID and Password.  If the program is not accepting your information, please call customer support during business hours and we will be happy to assist you. The toll free number is 1-800-800-7121.